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Divot repair tools Ball markers; Tees. What are some of the available features? You will find that there are all sorts of divot gear available.

Ball scorekeepers are great gear for marking golf balls. Some of them stylus on a cap or visor so you always have them with you. Many are personalized with initials or the name of the golf course or land junior club where you purchased it. And they often come with a divot repairer, another indispensable golf accessory. Some have even gone hi-tech. They now have magnetic markers. You attach a magnet to the conclusion of your putter and it evidence picks up the tombstone without you owning to inflection down to get it before you putt. And if you think they are just for men you are wrong. There are many great heavens tombstone for girlfriend and women the come in the shape of flowers and butterflies. They generally sport a shade of pink or purple, too.

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