Push & Pull Carts

Very similar to the push & pull carts is the New 2008 Sun Mountain (Push) Speed Golf Cart VI. I don’t own this one but golf with hens who do and they really love it. It has a few more added features and appears to be the Cadillac of push golf carts.

The “new” features of this carriage include a furniture platter with a magnetic lid, bungee scorecard holder, updated pencil tee. And globe holders. It has a swivel beverage occupier and a particle headcover tray. So it includes a new umbrella slope and owner for securing an open umbrella (the umbrella is not included). The quick-release bungee cords secure the bag to the coach with brackets that adjust to the measure of your bag. So it also includes an adjustable-height willingness grip handle, large shock-absorbing pneumatic tires. The brake is operated at the handle. This coach seam to 36″x16″x13: and weighs approximately 16.6 pounds. So I have a comprehension that this force is my next cart.

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