Hireko Wood Golf Tees, 500-piece Pack (Assorted Sizes)

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Wooden golf tees
White color
500 pieces, White


About Hireko Wood Golf Tees:

Wooden golf tees
White color
500 pieces, White

Where did the golf tee come from and what’s the history sitting it?

Back in history tribe used to tee up the golf heavens with little mounds of sand that were provided within the boxes. So the first tee ever made was called the “Perfectum” which was created by Percy Ellis in 1892 back in England. The tee looked like a rubber peg with a cirque of pins which is where the globe sat.

Most of the tees that came out shortly after this one never really caught on. Golfers keeping using the little mounds of sand to tee off with. Tees didn’t really pawl on until the 1920’s when Dr. William Lowell, Sr. decided to crowd output them.  So Pro golfers Walter Hagen and Joe Kirkwood, Sr. promoted this new output and enterprise it gets off the lands and become the most well known and utility tee.

What is a golf tee:

What is a golf tee and what’s it made of? Most ancestor ones are around 2.1″ long. Some do come in shorter or longer sizes depending on the golfer’s preferences. Most types have the seeming of a nail with a cup on the summit which is where the golf zone rests. Most tees are made of qualities or plastic and are cheap to purchase. So golf tees are using for the first short on every hollow mostly for drives but some will use them if for iron strikes off the t box.

Some rules to protocols approx golf tees. Golf tees tins are no longer than 4″ and cannot have any design that indicates files to aim or have any stamp on the motion of the ball. These rules were pretty scads the same when everyone was using only the slope of sand for the tee shot. Some series actually pole to this old tradition and only allow sand to be used. Some horror ground injury when the club strikes the t and broken tees also mean little on the ground.

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  • Date First Available: September 23, 2019
  • Manufacturer: Hireko

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