3 Holes Indoor Golf Putting Green Mat

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Product Description

  • Brand: PGM

  • Name: Putting Trainer

  • Material: artificial turf

  • Features: Lightweight and convenient

Product Features:

  • Professional green grass is used in the middle, and very realistic cutting grass is used around it, which resembles a real field.
  • On-site prefabrication, almost no installation and laying work is required after arriving at the use site; if it is a large site composed of multiple pieces, it is only necessary to simply connect each piece with a connecting column.

  • The foundation does not need special treatment, it can be placed directly on the surface of mud, grass, cement, asphalt, etc., and the grass surface can fully show the shape of the foundation).

  • It can be used for long and short grass cutting exercises, iron and wood percussion exercises, and putting exercises. It can be used indoors and outdoors and other places where you want.

  • In the process of transportation and storage, it can be packed into rolls and placed in a carton, which is simple and convenient, and does not take up space.

  • It is suitable for courtyards, roofs, balconies, living rooms, offices, reception rooms and other indoor and outdoor sports and leisure places, and has the functions of leisure greening and landscape landscaping.


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Mainland China


Putting Green

2 reviews for 3 Holes Indoor Golf Putting Green Mat

  1. j***j

    아이랑 연습하려고 구매했어요~
    길이는 긴데 넓이가 아쉬워요
    사진상은 200×300인거같아요ㅋ

  2. w***r

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