Golf Apparel Women’s Short Sleeve POLO Shirt Solid Outdoor Casual Quick Dry Breathable Stretch High Quality Customizable Top

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1 *New Women’s Short Sleeve Golf T-shirt

2* material: 10% spandex and 90% polyester

3* fit: golf, badminton, tennis, table tennis

4 * We also have hidden icons, if you need the original picture, please contact us or leave us a message, thank you

5* allow 2-3cm difference due to manual measurement, thanks (1cm = 0.3937 inches)

6* please choose the big size for fat people, standard size for thin people please choose the product you need according to the real circumference of three wai

Wind-proof in Winter

High-density fabric,special treatment surface,100%seamless can prevent wind and cold,

even in cold conditions,it will reduce the losses of body temperature.

1*UV proof in Summ er

Golf sport is an outdoor sport.Players usually stay outside for 3 or 4 hours.In summer,

the sunshine will burn our skin.UV Golf cloth will protect your skin to be hurt.


When a player goes to bat,in order to play smoothly,our golf clothing is based on this consideration,

using high elastic fabric to make you more comfortable and convenient when you do sports.


The golf sport advocates the gteen with the nature and the noble elegance of thehumanities,but this is a

sport after all,with hot weather at same time.In order to maintain the elegant image,

it is very necessary to Keep fresh and dry all the time.


The fabric is specially developed for golf sport. The fabric used for golf cloth is different from that of general sports

clothes.The weaving way and surface finishing take into account both fashion and function.

Ensure the uniqueness of the noble sports.

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20 reviews for Golf Apparel Women’s Short Sleeve POLO Shirt Solid Outdoor Casual Quick Dry Breathable Stretch High Quality Customizable Top

  1. m***o

    love the product, little tight for medium. I think it runs small.

  2. Golfiya Shopper

    타이트해요 재질은괜찬고 다만 진품과다른건 뒷면에로고가없어요

  3. o***r

    퀄리티 좋아요

  4. d***r

    배송은 좀 늦었지만 거이 2주소요. 제질도 좋고 색감도 좋고 우수합니다.

  5. a***r

    배송 일주일걸림
    옷 평소 55사이즈 M 입는데
    작다는평에 L사이즈 구매했어요
    사이즈딱맞구 좋아요 참고하세요

  6. Golfiya Shopper

    good quality

  7. K***g

    Shirts delivery very fast, I like it and materials are good, will recommend to friends to buy

  8. a***r

    일단 배송이 엄청 빨라서 좋았습니다.
    옷도 예쁘게 잘 맞아요.한가지 뒤에 로고가 없어서 조금 아쉬웠습니다.

  9. Golfiya Shopper

    소매 까만 로고땜에 짭티가 나긴 하지만 가격대비 휼륭합니다.완전 냉감은 아니지만 잘 입을 거 가타요

  10. Golfiya Shopper

    이쁘네요 타이트한 스퇄이라 찐살 다시빼야겠어요ㅎㅎ 색상굿^^

  11. B***n

    Good, but it’s just a top no skirt

  12. j***r

    재질도 좋고 여름에 입기 딱좋아요.
    슬림핏이라 타이트한 사이즈로 나왔습니다.
    한사이즈 크게 주문하시면예쁘게입을수 있을것같아요..상체 약한편인데s사이즈 딱 붙네요.
    제품은 아주 좋습니다

  13. s***k

    저렴한가격 잘 구매 했네요!

  14. 3***r

    신축성 좋구 맘에들어요

  15. y***r

    사진 그대로 옷 품질 넘 좋아요
    s싸이즈입는데m싸이즈 잘맞아요 참고하세요^^

  16. Golfiya Shopper

    사이즈가 좀 작아서 한 치수 크게 사야 될 것 같습니다. 저는 원래 스몰 입는데 medium이 꼭 맞네요~~

  17. Golfiya Shopper


  18. j***r

    후기중에 뒷면에 로고가 없다고 하신분 있던데 제가 받은 옷은 로고가 있어서 좋았습니다. 골프복의 특성엔 약간 못미치지만 나름 신축성있고 나쁘진 않지만 약간 도톰한것 같아요

  19. a***r

    66사이즈 딱맞고 품질좋아요

  20. j***r

    너무 예쁘고 슬림핏입니다..한사이즈 크게 주문하셔야 딱 맞게 입어요..아주 타이트하게 나온 제품입니다.재질 아주좋아요

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