Battery Tender 2-Bank Charger: 12V Battery Charger, 1.25 Amp with 2 Charging Banks – Smart 12V Battery Charger and… Price: $125.08 (as of 15/04/2021 18:30 PST- Details)

STAY CHARGED: Provides a full charge to your machine’s battery before switching to float mode to maintain proper voltage levels for safe, long term storage without overcharging. Spark proof during lead connection, reverse polarity protected and includes a 12-foot output cord and 5-year warranty
EASY TO USE: Low maintenance design to be quick and easy to use, our universal powersport vehicle charger and maintainer is compact and lightweight. Perfect for charging all 12-volt lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell) and safety timer-80 hours
EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Compatible with lead-acid, flooded, and sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell) to be ideal for use in long term storage. Complete 4-step charging program (Initialization, Bulk Charge, Float Mode) allows for optimization of battery power, without overcharging


Simultaneously charges and/or maintains up to 10 12-volt batteries, providing 12 volts/2 amps per charging bank
Includes six foot lead with aligator clamps and a 3-year warranty; DC Output Accessory Length: 7 ft
Complete 4-step charging program (initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode and float mode) that maintains batteries at full charge without overcharging via its 4-step charging system
Spark-free design via microchip circuitry that will not activate output voltage until clips are correctly connected to battery
Reverse polarity protection and a built-in 72-hour safety timer ensures batteries attain float mode status

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