Golf Plastic Tees 10° Diagonal Insert Rhombic Golf Ball Holder

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Golf Plastic Tees 10° Diagonal Insert Rhombic Golf Ball Holder Increases Speed Golf Ball Tee With Golf Gift Box Golf Accessories

This is a new golf tee that requires 10 degrees of oblique insertion. It is diamond shaped and made of special materials that are more resistant to impact. Increase the speed of the ball, reduce the rotation of the ball, and reduce friction. It is your secret weapon for kick-off.

Installation method of 10 ° TEE:
1. Insert the 10 ° TEE into the soil at an angle of 10 °. If the insertion angle is incorrect, the ball will roll down;
2. After insertion, our No. 1 wooden club surface and 10 ° TEE are basically parallel.

How important is golf TEE?
10 ° TEE reduces the negative impact of conventional TEE on tee off in three important ways:

1.10° tilt design
Diamond shaped design, the ball rotates far away from the enem
When you hit the ball with the No. 1 wood, the ball will rotate backward to shorten the distance. The unique design of 10 ° TEE can reduce the rotation of the ball, so there is no need to trade distance for accuracy.

  1. Reduce ball friction
    Friction between the ball and TEE can cause side spin. 10 ° TEE minimizes frictional resistance and promotes a smooth and consistent flight path.

  2. Durability
    Compared with ordinary wood TEE, the design of 10 ° TEE can withstand up to 100 impacts without breaking,Play better and play longer.

Name: 10 degree golf tee
Color: as shown in the figure
Size: 13 * 83mm/0.51 * 3.26inch
Quantity: 10pcs/box


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