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1.8m Keel Design Tennis Squash Racket Grip

1.8m Keel Design Tennis Squash Racket Grip

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1.8m Keel Design Tennis Squash Racket Grip

Squash Racket For Badminton Baseball Bats Keel Design Sweat Absorbed Grip Tape Fishing Rod Sweatband Anti-slip Band


Type: Overgrip

Size:: length 180cm x width 2.5cm x thickness 2mm

Material:: polyurethane leather

Color:: blue, green, purple, yellow, red, silver

Choice: yes


--The special anti-slip material of Polyurethane Leather on the surface makes you have a good grip. The widening ESA foam improves the shock resistance of the handle, and the thickness of 2mm makes the hand feel firmer.
--The widened keel design can be used for flat winding or keel winding, and the maximum length of the flat winding can be 40cm
--The keel lines on the surface of the grip tape help discharging sweat effectively in order to make you feel more comfortable while in use.

The sweat band of the handle grip should be replaced regularly in time in order to maintain a good hand feeling. For example, if you have the amount of badminton exercise for two hours each time and twice a week, then you should replace the sweatband regularly at least once every 1 month in spring and summer, and at least once every 1.5 month in autumn and winter.

Package Included:
1x 1.8m Grip Tape