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Men's Full Golf Club Set with Bag & Driver

Men's Full Golf Club Set with Bag & Driver

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Gender: Men

Club Type: Complete Sets

Shaft Material: Graphite & Steel

Dexterity: Right Handed

Flex: R

Number of clubs: 13 pieces



No. 1 wood

Ball: Aluminium alloy

Rod material: carbon rod

Grip: 45 inches

Rod body hardness: R

Length: 45 inches

Angle: 10.5 ° R

3 # and 5 # wooden men's poles

Rod material: carbon rod

Grip: Rubber

Rod body hardness: R

Length/angle # 3: 44 inches/15 °

Length/angle # 5: 39 inches/24 °

No.7 IRON Men's Poles

Body material: carbon body/steel body

Grip: Rubber

Rod body hardness: R/S

Length: 37 inches

IRON Club # 7

1. Wide strike area, large sweet area
2. Beginners are more likely to hit the ball, and when there is a deviation in the stroke, they can also hit a long-range ball

Carbon rod body

High seismic resistance, relatively high fault tolerance, long playing distance, easy to get started

Rubber grip

Adopting a rubber grip with a frosted design, the grip is tight and not easy to release


Series steel body, made of chrome steel, suitable for players pursuing better trajectory control


The series carbon rod body has good elasticity, toughness, and high seismic resistance, making it easy for beginners to get started

Regular competition putt

Classic and concise exterior design, with all trims and rear sections simple and sharp.

Men's Standard Bag

Wear-resistant and durable