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New Large Automatic Folding Reverse Umbrella

New Large Automatic Folding Reverse Umbrella

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Color - 123CM Style 1
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Size: One Size

Type: Umbrellas

Material: nylon

Age Group: Adults

Product: Sunny and Rainy Umbrella

Panel Material: Lace

Pattern: Three-folding Umbrella

Model Number: Umbrella

Control: Fully-automatic

Function: Folding

Choice: yes



Reverse folding, will not wet the vehicle


One-button opening and closing, one-handed operation, automatic press switch, easy operation, girls can also use it easily


Ten bone reinforcement against storm


The umbrella surface is widened to cover the rain in full effect, and two people will not get wet when walking together with an umbrella


Reverse the umbrella, the rain will not wet yourself


The unique hydrophobic technology prevents rainwater from staying on the umbrella surface for a long time, allowing the umbrella to dry quickly

The machine is strongly fixed to enhance stability, and each rivet is strongly fixed with a heavy-pressing machine


Details make quality