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VICLEO High-End Beach Tennis Racket Set

VICLEO High-End Beach Tennis Racket Set

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Color - B22
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VICLEO High-End Beach Tennis Racket Set

Experience elite performance on the beach court with the VICLEO High-End Beach Tennis Racket Set. Constructed from 12K carbon fiber and glassfiber, this racket offers the perfect blend of power and control. Designed for both female and male players, it comes with overgrip options B10 and B22 for personalized comfort. Dominate the sand with style and precision!


Applicable People: MEN

Weight (g): 320-330g (Male)

Net Material: EVA

Racket Face Classification: MP Racket Surface (Universal)

Racket Length Category: regular grade

Thickness: Wide Rim (>28mm)

Shape: Round Egg Shaped (Central Back Sweet Point)

Balance Point: Heavy Tip (Baseline/Technical Type)

Model Number: B10 B22

Hardness: Hard (Small Action/Force Player)

Length (cm): 500+/2mm

Face Size: 500*230mm +/-2mm

Grip Material: Carbon Fiber + Glass Fiber

Grip Size: 4 3/8 (3#/Male)


Thickness: 22+/2mm

Weight: 320+/-10g

Choice: yes